Qoin – Expenses and Incomes – The fastest budget tracker app

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Qoin – Expenses and Incomes – The fastest budget tracker app

đź‘‹ Hello, Product Hunt!

It’s Dmitriy from Qoin App. Our story began since we decided to reinvent the field of financial accounting, by making it beautiful, simple, understandable and useful. We learnt a lots of similar apps, and noticed that all of them have the same problem – a speed of adding any kind of entries. We decreased that number to 3 actions – Swipe, Enter and Tap. As it turned out, this was insanely useful and practical solution. Since that, our tagline stands for Swipe and Tap, and arrow on the logotype reflects the idea and key difference from app-analogues. We believe, that Qoin helps to save not only your money, but time as well.

App was launched over a month ago, but now you can try it for a very special price – $0.99 only!

đź’ˇKey Features
• Gestures control;
• 3x faster entries adding;
• Favorite categories;
• Create unlimited budgets;
• Daily Limit & Monthly Salary;
• Custom categories;
• All currencies;
• Transfer between Budgets;
• All-new statistics;
• Passcode with Face ID / Touch ID support;
• CSV Export;
• Dark mode.

🗺️General Roadmap
• iCloud synchronization;
• Family budgets with up to 5 users;
• Siri assistance;
• Connect app with your bank account.

I’m super excited to post our product on this great platform.
We really hope, that you’ll enjoy Qoin and really can’t wait to hear your feedback!

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Thank you for your time and attention!
Let’s create something awesome together.

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