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Majority of the banned hashtags on Instagram are words related to nudity, violence, and pornography. However, there are some everyday words that appear on the list. Examples of which are #workflow, #rare, #date, #brain, and #always. We compiled all the banned hashtags on Instagram we found are listed below.


Banned Hashtags on Instagram 2019We used the list of banned hashtags from Instavast (1) as a starting point. They list two types of banned hashtags, the completely banned and temporarily banned; and to differentiate the two, we highlighted the rows in red for the completely banned hashtags. Intavast’s list was recently updated (1). There is a chance that some of those temporarily banned hashtags may no longer be banned.

Next, we tried accessing the database of Banned Hashtags (IQ Hashtags) (3) as they claim to have a list of 40,357 (3) banned Instagram hashtags as of the time of this writing and their database is updated daily. However, even with a paid version, their database is not publicly available. Free and paid accounts can only do unlimited banned hashtag search (3)

With this tool, (4) users can enter up to 30 hashtags (4) at a time and the tool will check if any of the hashtags entered are banned. In case any of the hashtags are currently banned, the tool will flag it and list it under the banned hashtags. We also run an exhaustive search on other databases to check if we could find a banned Instagram list that is publicly available; however, this research strategy did not give us any result.

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We changed our research strategy and looked for industry reports on banned Instagram hashtags. However, the only thing we found that meet the date criterion is the list published by Instavast (1) on their website. We then, therefore, expanded our research to include banned Instagram hashtags. This gave us several results; however, these reports were not from leading publications or industry leaders. Instead, they were from other digital agencies, such as Markitors (5), SocialInsider (6), WebPresenceBoss (7), and GenuineLikes (8). After going through their lists of banned Instagram hashtags, we found that their lists are almost identical. Instead of copying their lists, we collated all the hashtags in one file and run them on IQ Hashtag checker tool (5) to ensure that all these hashtags are still banned from Instagram. We removed those that were no longer flagged by the tool and added the flagged hashtags to the blog below.

Next, we also collated a list of banned Instagram hashtags in 2018 (Meeting Application (10), r/Instagram (11), IMGE (12), Jon Tavarez (13), KiwiBCreative (14), Postfity (15), and

Mamamia (16)), and instead of copying them directly to the blog, we run the hashtags through the IQ Hashtag checker tool (4) to make sure that we are only adding those that are still banned in the present. This gave us several banned hashtags but we were only able to add a few to the blog as the majority of them are already duplicates of what is already in the list.

Lastly, in an effort to provide a more robust list of hashtags banned on Instagram, we manually checked the top 5,000 Instagram hashtags (9) using the IQ Hashtag checker tool (4). Out of the 5,000 Instagram hashtags, we were only able to find 11 banned hashtags (17). However, we were only able to add six of them to the blog as five of them are already duplicates.

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