AI Resume Generator – Free tool that writes a resume for you

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AI Resume Generator – Free tool that writes a resume for you

Earlier this year, I released and loved the support it received from PH.

With this resume generator, I wanted to do a bit more. I see a lot of job applicants that are unsure of what a good resume in their industry looks like, and also spoke to people that found it painful to craft resumes from scratch. And, I thought what if I can make the entire resume generation process automated and allow job seekers to simply edit and use it.

The idea is to lift cognitive load from non-essential parts of your resume and allow you to focus more on creativity and personalization of each of your job applications. After testing it with job seekers, I noticed that they spent as much as 65% of the total time on improving the content and customization of their applications. This was much higher compared to 5-10% of the time that they could previously spend in this area.

I’ll continue to add new features and upgrades moving forward.

Hope you like it! :]

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